Sunday, May 11, 2014

When Will My Child Read

How unschooling children learn to read is different for every child.
It also happens at different ages . Sometimes the parent may not even be aware how much a child is reading.
Here is a video of the day I realized my daughter got it.
This video was about a month after the ALLive Unschooling Symposium in Minnesota last year. I know Gigi was not fluently reading at that time of the symposium.
A month later we go to an Anime Con and Gigi is picked out of the audience to be part of Pinkie Pie's team at the event called My Little Pony Games.
One person/player from each team takes a piece of paper with something written on it and they have to read it to the audience. You can see her take one sheet of paper.
I was like "Oh My" and did not know how that was going to go but she looked confident up there so I just sat back and recorded.
She is the last to read and reads it fluently and confidently and wins for her team.
Keep in mind she was 7 years old and all the other competitors were older teens or your adults.
No lessons, no trying to teach phonics, no reading methods but with support and a print rich environment and being present to answer questions and help read, write, communicate with others or anything she wanted to do.
Pretty cool.