Monday, March 10, 2008

New drug to treat childhood syndrome

The bottle say:
"If they can't see it your way than it is time for Obay"

The story

"These fake pharmaceutical ads began appearing round Souther Ontario early in February. There was much speculation at first as to who was behind the ads. There was no obvious provenance on the ad pieces themselves. Suspected culprits ranged from the Church of Scientology to street artist
Frank Fairey (aka OBEY). On February 15th, Colleges Ontario fessed up and then unveiled the 2nd phase of the campaign on February 25th. The general point of the campaign was to encourage parents to let their kids make up their own minds about pursuing post-secondary education and more specifically to consider a college of applied arts and technology as an alternative to university, evidently something most parents were reluctant to do according to Colleges Ontario."

Thanks Jan Hunt ( for the e-mail!

check out:

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Awesome photography

My father is a photographer and I grew up around advertising and arts. I love photos and can't get enough of looking at great ones. It does not need to come from a professional or artist. I like even just regular home stuff.
I came across this site today :

Some amazing photography here. I can look for hours on end. Here are some of my favorites:

This is Ansel Adams

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Found my brother's kids.

I lost a brother in his early twenties 20 years ago. He had a baby girl and a little boy at the time. Last I saw them was in 1998. Since then I talk to their mom sporadically. But I found them at ORKUT, a Google network that the Brazilians love to use.
I have been elated the last 24 hours to be able to see them and message them and catch up on how they are doing.

My brother was a special person. I miss him.

Family Bed

We have a family bed in our house. The kids also each have their own room that they love. MD even spent a couple of months sleeping in his new bunk bed in his room last year. But her is back with us and Brian and I love it.

We usually also sleep with Gigi's stuffed animals ( usually cows, a pig or guinea pigs) and Mario, Luigi and Yoshi.

Also sleeping time is when Gigi becomes our little blue princess. Thanks to Danielle's beautiful daughters for the costume.

Here are some pictures of our BIG Family Bed!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Super Mario Galaxy Music

Not only Super Mario Galaxy is beautiful to watch and play but I love the music. Here are a few samples:

Monday, March 3, 2008

I love everybody in the world

Brian gave me a laptop for my birthday. It is really a family present. Having two computers is a must right now with MD playing on-line a lot.
One of the reasons to get a laptop was that MD does not like to stay downstairs in the office at night alone. We all come up and he comes but he would rather play a little longer.
The laptop makes it easy for him to play in bed while daddy sleeps next to him and I can be with Gigi in the room next door until she falls asleep ( and I catch up on my DVR'ed shows)
So one day last week I come in the room to get something while he was playing and dad was zonked out and he turns to me and say: "I love every body in the world! I love everyone!"
What a bliss to be 5 years old and feel unconditionally loved and respected and above all heard.
Yes, we always get what MD and Gigi want, or try really hard and strive for it. Not always possible right away. We put our best effort and the children trust that we will do and if it does not happen they are so understanding.
Also Sunday I was a bit stressed out with a messy house so MD picked up his room all by himself after saying he was going to do so. I didn't even see it until hours later when we came to play upstairs. Picking up tends to overwhelm him after a few minutes. I guess it took me by surprise to see him get it done because he felt mom needed help.
Having said that I have to add that Gigi is jealous of the "dang" laptop and is always in between, nursing just because it is in my lap.
So Alex put that thing down and give her all the attention she needs!NOW! (OK It is almost 1:00AM everyone is sleeping now but me...)