Friday, May 9, 2008

Update on Breastfeeding Saga

Since we were at the Y for our weekly Homeschool Group swim date the leader of the group got this on an e-mail from the Y aquatics director:

I also wanted to touch base with you about the incident this week when our guard spoke to one of your group about breastfeeding. I wanted to apologize on his behalf and assure you that we have taken steps to make all staff aware of our support of breastfeeding anywhere in the YMCA. I assume that, as a young man, he was personally uncomfortable. However, that does not reflect our facility's policy and he should have not approached the mother in any way. If you will, please pass on our support to your group

So I am glad for other moms that they will train their staff so this won't happen again to someone not as outspoken as I.

I also want to thank everyone for the support on this very important issue. Thanks for all the comments!

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stockingup99 said...

Hooray. Thanks for caring about moms. (Followed you from Mothering)