Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Playing in the sand pile next to the barn

I keep inviting unschooling friends to come over and visit our farm. I have plenty of room ( even if you have 7 kids-hint-hint or live in another Continent) and beds for all. The house is messy and the walls have lots of drawings on. I have guinea pigs that live in my formal Living room. We have a 20 dollar couch an only a table in the kitchen. Nothing is fancy but is fun. MD ( nowadays he likes to be called Mario, Luke Skywalker or Indy-for Indiana Jones) loves sleep overs. There are nice parks in town and an adorable free zoo around the corner. The air is pure like country air and has a wonderful mixture of manure and freshly cut hay aroma.

My lawn is made of dandelions and is almost knee high since we like it natural ( or I don't have time to mow it).

So you are welcome. Let me know when you can get here.


Wendy said...

Well, where the heck is this little piece of heaven??? We can stop by if we're blowing through. :-)

Wendy said...

(I forgot to sign up for follow-up comments to be emailed to me. Sorry.)

Alex Polikowsky said...

Southeast Minnesooooota!
Where are you? When can you all come?;)

Wendy said...

Aw man...that's far. We're in Georgia...where your fellow Minnesotans are moving soon. We will *definitely* keep y'all in mind if we're up that way. :-)

Alex Polikowsky said...

Oh you lucky people. Getting Kelli and her family close by would be so awesome. YOu know she is here but very far away ...something like almost 5 hours from me.
Keep us in mind!!!! YOu are welcome anytime.

Wendy said...

Thanks!! We will, and if you're headed this direction, give us a call. It's always great to see other unschoolers, plus the Traaseths are only going to live about 10 minutes from me. Jealous yet??? LOL

Melissa said...

Seven kids huh?

I would LOVE to come visit, and it is totally on my vision board.

We did just cancel our trip to California. We are all kind of sad, but agree that we just 1) can't afford the gas and 2) can't afford the energy. We just took a six hour trip to Kansas City, that like to kill us all trying to get along, even with frequent breaks. So 22 hours is not a good plan.

I LOVE your pictures, although the title scared me! I thought, they can't move until we visit!!!

Alex Polikowsky said...

Yep jealous.....you lucky Wendy!
Melissa. We are waiting for you and the troop whenever you can come!( and hopefully one day!)
Here is relaxing and kids can just be. No worries about what anyone thinks or how they should "behave".
House is kid friendly! Just get here and enjoy! The waynforth,s were just here for a couple of days ans I miss them already....

Ahna said...

Hi Alex! It looks like you have a lovely farm. We'd love to come down and visit you. I DREAM of homesteading and plan on making a move in the near future.
Hey, if you are ever near Ham Lake (slightly north of Minneapolis) let me know. You are welcome to stop by!

Alex Polikowsky said...

I sure will Ahna. Thanks for the invitation. Let me know when you come down again. I actually very close to Stewardville and you are welcome to stay here with family.

Pittsburgh Midwife said...

Well, we will be headed out of Pittsburgh, PA to Dream Time Village in La Farge, WI for a visit in the future and might just take you up on the offer!

Alex Polikowsky said...

Wow Michelle, You won't be too far from me. I am 1H15 min from LaCrosse. When are you coming? Let me know if you can make it to visit us. That area over in WI is very pretty.

arun said...

it wont be soon... but we will make it to your part of the world (from australia) one day :D

thanks for the invite! Hope you dont live to regret it ;)

Christy said...

Your place is so beautiful! Wow, I'm jealous.

Alex Polikowsky said...

;) thanks Christy. Today it does not look so nice.
Grass is unkept and no flowers around the sign or big oak tree.
So its a bit messy!
I have no time to get things done.
But anyway you are welcome to come spend some time with us and milk some cows.

Ahna said...

Hey Alex,
We're going to be in Rochester on the last weekend in October for my nephew's "confirmation". If you're not busy we would love to stop in and meet you! I think we'll be at my sister's on Sunday, Oct 26th. By "we" I mean my kids, Selena and Xavier, and then myself of course!
(my email is ahnajara@comcast.net)

Ahna said...

Hi Alex,
We'll be in Rochester this Sunday and we'll have some time in the morning (9-12) to stop by or in the afternoon (4 p.m.- ) so... if you're ready for us we'll leave it up to what you prefer, morning or afternoon.

By the way, I noticed somewhere along the way that you are doing tae-kwondo. If you need a bo or sparring gear I have these from when my kids and I did Tae-kwondo. If you need any of it let me know.
Looking forward to meeting you and your beautiful family!
Ahna, Selena and Xavier