Monday, August 4, 2008

We won!!!!!!!!!

MD and I won Best Video on Learn Nothing Day Contest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
YAY for us!

And here is mario555555 AKA MD dressed with the shirt:

Best part is getting Sandra Dodd's book Moving a Puddle or Thinking Sticks.
So much fun making our YouTube Video !!!


unschoolingsupermom said...

Congratulations! I did see the vid on Sandra's blog. How cool.

piscesgrrl said...

congrats on winning! Looks like your video took a lot of know-how. Can't wait to meet you and everyone at the L&L!

Alex Polikowsky said...

It was actually pretty easy ! You just need the software and va-vooomm!
I won't be at Live and
Learn this year:(