Monday, June 30, 2008

Learn Nothing Day- by Schuyler Waynforth

On July 24 I will absolutely, definitely NOT post because all unschoolers are asked to take a day off (finally) and take a break from learning.
Other homeschoolers call us lazy, but they've been taking days off all the time. Unschoolers just do what they do morning and night, on weekends, in the summer. Let's give it a rest, people.
Since I am the lazy unschooler I am copying this from my friend Schuyler ( I cannot come up with anything better to write or more clever anyway!!)

Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Playing in the sand pile next to the barn

I keep inviting unschooling friends to come over and visit our farm. I have plenty of room ( even if you have 7 kids-hint-hint or live in another Continent) and beds for all. The house is messy and the walls have lots of drawings on. I have guinea pigs that live in my formal Living room. We have a 20 dollar couch an only a table in the kitchen. Nothing is fancy but is fun. MD ( nowadays he likes to be called Mario, Luke Skywalker or Indy-for Indiana Jones) loves sleep overs. There are nice parks in town and an adorable free zoo around the corner. The air is pure like country air and has a wonderful mixture of manure and freshly cut hay aroma.

My lawn is made of dandelions and is almost knee high since we like it natural ( or I don't have time to mow it).

So you are welcome. Let me know when you can get here.