Saturday, February 21, 2009

Happy- I have been tagged!

I have been tagged by beautiful Mindy from Dancing Chickens - Do you think she knows I LOOOOVE chickens!?
Here it goes:
Six things that add to my joy and happiness...
1. My kids and watching them sleep makes me melt.
2. Baby calves, kittens and puppies ( so cliche!)
3. Movies and books. I love to read and watch movies- since I had kids I don't do it as much anymore.
4. Going to the beach or the mountains on a beautiful crispy sunny day!
5. Seeing my children and my husband happy and laughing.
and last but not least:
6. My wonderful girlfriends. I am truly blessed to have great friends.
Here ...I tag:
Ronnie- I have not met her IRL but would love to spend a few hours with her and her husband Frank
Kelly - I feel like were are twin sisters separated by birth some times.
Melissa- Because I wanted to take Josh , her son, home after the Live and Learn Conference. She might not have time - she is about to have kid number 8- guess now she can spare one??!!!!
Heather- One of the most dedicated woman I know- I am lucky to have her on my side as a friend!


Ronnie said...

Thanks, Alex! Mine is up.

Heather's Moving Castle said...

How cute! I will play along. But it may be next week. LOL. Cant wait until Wednesday/Thursday/Friday!! ;o)

K. said...

You're so sweet to tag me and try to get me out to play. I promise to do this meme as soon as my blog resumes, I'm just still not sure when that will be.

Thanks for your kind words, though, it was such a nice boost to my day. I'm crawling back up from two days of flu-ish-ness, and tonight I have a movie date with my husband. Something heartwarming, maybe, like Friday the 13th... ;P I hope you're feeling better, too!

Melissa said...

I got your tag!!! I'll get to work on it right now (while I wait for the baking soda to ease my tummy!)