Sunday, March 1, 2009

Unschoolers having fun in Minnesota!!!!!!!!!!!!

We braved the weather...
Some crashed .....
We had tattoos sharing.....
Parents chilling.....

Made new friends and saw old ones....

Thanks to an incredible woman- Heather Brown!

Gigi played with her best friend Sarah.

Mothers and daughters had fun together!

Friends left happy!!!

Kids went wild!!!!!!!!
MD ( Naruto Storm Polikowsky Pie) played hard!

Brothers and sisters played together...

MD and one of his many friends!!!!

This past Thursday and Friday the Minnesota Unschoolers had a place to gather and have fun!
My wonderful friend Heather Brown organized the event!
She has been a huge help at the yahoo group I inherited from Kelli Traaseth when she moved south to warmer pastures....
So I have been talking to the group about getting something together and Heather just grabbed the idea and ran with it!
The results were 2 days filled of fun, laughter, old friends and many new friends.
There were around 60 people in our group!!!!!!!
We are doing it again! That is for sure!!!!!


Heather's Moving Castle said...

Oh, how awesome!! I could NEVER be so clever as to make that cool post!! So glad you were inspired! Thank you so much for letting me into your MN world!! I am so honored to be your friend!! It was a great time!

I am working on my post for this week and will add photos when I can. LOL.

Heather ;o)

kelli said...

I'm so glad you guys had a get together! It looks awesome :) We would have so been there if we were still up north. hugs to you~