Sunday, October 7, 2012

A Gift and Cutting Corners

So Gigi's cousin Emily helped us be able to go to the World Dairy Expo. She did chores for Brian and fed and took care of all the baby calves. Gigi bought her a little gift there as a thank you. She wrote her a thank you note and wrapped up the present.
Thanks Emily!!

So here is Gigi having horseback riding lessons with Kelly Neu at Hope Ranch. She loves it and has been doing them since she was 5. Last week she was working with Dee in the round pen and Kelly was showing her how to do it:
Kelly:" Gigi make sure she is not cutting corners!"
Gigi: "It is a round pen! There are no corners!"
Kelly teaches 6th grade and she is always telling me things that Gigi says that most her students do not know, she tells me.

Here is my awesome boy Daniel. He is getting his Second Molars at only 10 years old. Why do hey grow so fast?

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