Wednesday, December 19, 2012

My sweet children and what happens when you are sweet to them.

Everyday I am witness of incredible acts of sweetness by my children. Sometimes to me, sometimes to dad, sometimes to each other and many times to all.

Last night when I was going to bed I asked Daniel if he was hungry and wanted something to eat before I went to bed. He said he wanted something and I was heading down the stairs when he gave me a big hug and thanked me.
This morning Gigi is not feeling well. Daniel came downstairs from his room and she said she was not feeling good in a very distressed voice. He said to her that she could come and stay in the top of his bunk bed if she wanted.  It was really sweet and she is gone upstairs with him and very happy about it.
Daniel and Gigi have so many great sibling moments !  It is really amazing.

Gigi is one that will turn to the cashier in the supermarket and tell her she has beautiful hair or that she likes her earrings. She also will give me or dad massages if we need.

Both my children are very sensitive to how I talk to them and can get very offended and sad if I am not being nice to them.  I also have become much more able to stop before I say something harsh when I have a knee jerk reaction and take a deep breath and make a better choice in how I act and react towards them.

These pictures were taken last winter with the little snow we got.  Daniel helped Gigi make a snowcalf and dad helped Daniel make a snowman. Sweetness all around the family!

The more sweetness I  bring into my home by my tone of voice and the way I treat my kids and husband, the sweeter our lives are.  I should come here everyday and  write all that down so I never forget and take it for granted.


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Thank you for sharing Alex! Love sweet stories about sweet families!

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Great post! Have a swell weekend!

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Great reminder! Glad we found it for the carnival!