Monday, October 6, 2008

The Last Unicorn

I found this movie looking for horse movies for Gigi and it has become our favorite movie of the moment.
She calls her big stuffed unicorn
Illusions. We sleep with it in our bed.
This the other version of the song and the movie opening:


Melissa said...

We have this movie. It was my little sister's favorite when we were growing up, and the girls LOVE LOVE LOVE that it was Aunt Kim's movie.


Sarah said...

Ah, yes. My daughter loves this movie. The big red bull scared her the first time, but not anymore.

Christy said...

This was my favorite movie when I was a teenager. I haven't seen it is ages.

Alex Polikowsky said...

I have watched thos movie nore than 50 times! It just never gets boring. Its a family favorite here.