Monday, December 9, 2013


Games created by my son at his in game video game developing company! I just loved the names and what they were about.
Murder and Fedoras
Bionic Kitten
Atom to Planet
Cigars and Murder
Cigar and Murder - Rubber Puffs
Dung Beattles and Dragons
Paylo Series
Paylo -Return of the Zombie Alien
Supooper Dario Grows
Legend Of Meda
Legend Of Melda- Tinks Adventure
Taffer- Dark Shadows
Taffer- The Steampunk Age
Taffer-Deadly Shadows
Teachers and Preachers
Shotguns and RobCots
Fat Cigarman- ( Console version of Cigars and Murder)
Death 4 Lead
Full Life
Full Life- Navy Blue Working Hours
The Meldar Pieces of Paper
Dog Simulation
Gun Wagon- Game of the Deer Edition
Gun -Wagon Wagon
Cirno Trigger
Cirno Cross
Tunnel Legend
FopleOut Series
Bionic Kitten 2 - Revenge of Dr. Dog
Dog Warriors
The Soms 3- Dog DLC
Gun Fun

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