Saturday, December 7, 2013

My child does spend a lot of time in his computer!!!

Now the last post was  all about my daughter. She is a cowgirl, farm girl, horseback riding and Minecrafting girl.
My son is 11 and he started watching TV at 18 months old. Before that he did not care for it.

At 18 months old he fell in love with Maisy and then it was Bob the Builder followed by Thomas the Tank Engine.
I sat with him and watched a lot  of Maisy, Bob and Thomas. I cherish those moments . It was so sweet and I miss them.
I also learned to  love what he loves.
I spent hours with him playing with tools! Then it was trains and that was  a huge passion for years. I used to know probably all the Thomas songs! All the engines and stories.  He was using foam or magnet letters to write names like Thomas , Percy and James at 3 years old. His passion was embraced and supported.

I remember seeing his cousin playing video games and thinking to myself that that was not going to be my son.
When he was around 4 he started playing some online games and  I had already been reading about unschooling for awhile so I was not at all afraid of video games. At 4 we gave him his first Nintendo DS.

I embraced his love for gaming the same way I embraced his love for trains. I fell in love with gaming just like I did with Thomas.

Sometimes around 5 or a little before he turned 5 I discovered the online game called Roblox and introduced to him . That was huge!
 Not only my son learned to read and type because of it but it was/is and amazing game. People would friend him and be very surprised when they found out he was 5 years old. He was known for being a great player and helping new people learn the game. I think Roblox should have payed him something because he was a walking advertizement for them. Every child he met  he told them about Roblox!

We also gave him a Nintendo Wii at that age and we still love that system and all the Nintendo games!
He fell in love with Super Mario and Legends of Zelda games.

Legends of Zelda has inspired him to learn the Ocarina and he has read all the books several times! He has been rereading them this last few weeks!

A few months ago my son and I build his first gaming computer he has been saving for. He has many many games on his PC, his XBox 360, PS2, PS3, Gamecube , Duo Retro ( plays NES and SNES games), Nintendo DS and Gameboy.
 Yes he also loves retro and classic games and consoles.
He has always been a collector and has become a researcher.

But what is amazing how well he writes, how fast he can read, how he has full grasp of math, physics and loves all Science and is always telling me and reading about everything !
His knowledge is amazing. From how your eyes work and how other animals eyes work and why  to how matter and antimatter reacted to create the Universe and much much more this boys knows!

He is very witty and loves playing with words, he is bright and he is loving. He will not hurt a fly.

He is always reading and researching so many different things. He has  this love for learning and information.
 He tells me so many things that I am amazed he knows!

Today I played a game with him and he split some wood while I was stacking. He is my gamer that goes and splits wood that a grown up has difficulty splitting.

 It is not screen time!
It is reading, researching, playing, discovering and much more!
It really gets to me when people say "screen time". They are not really paying attention to what their children are doing.

Here is a little bit of him

 I went inside and come out and he had written the numbers down. Not 2 yet.

 Mario and Luigi for Halloween with dad!

 His first Thomas Engine and it all started ( he still had his Bob the Builder shirt)

 Bob the builder was the man! He loved him.

Now this pictures are from this year only.

 His Birthday this year! Lab Coat, Periodic Table and Chemistry kit. That is what he wanted.

Shooting ball with dad.

 Animinneapolis ! With the voice actor and Manga author Sonny Strait.
He is in full Cosplay  ( Len Kagamine)

 Just laying in my lap and talking

 The computer parts arrived!!!!!!! 

 Caulking ! He is using a gun!!!!!!

Up in the hayloft of the old barn with kittens and his sister.

 Going for a ride with mom at 6:30 AM.

 At Animinneapolis he actually sat in the Vocaloids panel and participated answering questions!

 Sometimes reading too many  books on anatomy leads you to use dad as a guinea pig.

 Working out with dad.

 Making brownies .

 His little kitten Scout who he saved by bringing in and bottle feeding.

 Reading Free to Live by Pam Laricchia

 Snowman during snow storm ( picture by Sandra Dodd)
Record breaking snow in May! Got to do something about it.

 Blue hair.

Getting his Arrow of Light and graduating from Cub Scout earlier in the year.

 When Scout was so little he was syringe feeding him.

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