Thursday, February 21, 2008

The first day and introductions.

I am starting this blog today to journal my life with my kids. I have been inspired by blogs that I have been reading written by other wonderful unschooling moms and dads and their amazing children.
I have done many things in my life, I have graduated from Law School, moved to a different country, worked in many different fields, lived in 5 different states in the US, traveled a bit too but the most important thing I have ever done in my life was to have my children.
Funny thing is that I used to say that I did not know what I wanted to do when I grew up. I used to say that until I was 36 and had my first child.

I now know that there is nothing I want to do more in life right now than be with my two amazing, inspiring, beautiful children.
I am also so lucky to have a husband like Brian. He is the hardest working man I have ever met.
He is a loving, caring, supportive father and partner. I also think he is hot so that helps!:)
So here it goes world......


kelli said...

Yay! Another blogger :)

Welcome! I'm excited to see what you have to say and what you and your family are up to.

Schuyler said...

To quote Kelli Yay!!! I'm happy to see you here.

Alex Polikowsky said...

Thanks my friends! I am not a good writer so don't expect great things other than rumblings and talking about my kids (my favorite thing!)
Love to you all!

gail said...

Looking forward to reading more on your blog, Alex!!

Sandra Dodd said...

I was glad to see your husband on the video with the cow feeding. Dads get left out of a lot of our celebrations, so I'm glad to see the sweet things you wrote about your husband. (And yeah, he's good looking even in his work clothes on a cold day!)

I'm glad for blogs like yours, with videos and pictures and reports of the happy, surprising moments of unschooling. Good!!

diana(hahamommy) said...

Welcome to the World of Blogger :) I'm so glad for another midwestern connection ♥

Alex Polikowsky said...

Thank you of you. Every single one of you inpire me everyday!!!!!!!!!!!!
You are my superstars!!!