Friday, February 29, 2008

The First Movie- being there fully

I published MD's first YouTube movie yesterday. It is less than a minute. He has been wanting to make movies to post. I can finally get them uploaded to the computer. He said he is going to make lots of movies. He also got a Shining Stars cat ( he got to name a real star Cute Kitty)and has been playing that online together with Roblox. This week has been a week where I have posted on boards very little. I have spent the week playing with my kids. On Tuesday I had help to clean the house. I finally got the play room organized so I could bring the big box of Playmobil for the children to play. Needles to say that the house is back to "normal" in one day. Yesterday I just played with the kids. I did not clean anything. It looks like a tornado came by or did it?
I have been thinking about Lisa Heyman ( another unschooling mom who just passed away so young) and Hannah ( Diane Jenner's beautiful daughter who also is no longer here with us).
What if today, this moment , was the last moment you had with your children? What would you be doing them?
I got to go buy my Gigi her OINK ( a Shining Stars pig) that she wants.
Then I will be back home to make some more movies with MD.
I will be with my kids and I will be enjoying them because that is what Lisa would be doing right now.

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